About Herne Bay Town Centre Partners


Herne Bay Town Partners is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation formed in 2006. We are developing an effective partnership between the public, private and voluntary sectors, so together we can achieve a safe and vibrant place in which to work, live and visit.


We market, promote and are actively involved in enhancing the activities and amenities within the town of Herne Bay. We are leading and being instrumental in the development of promotions, events and activities within the town. This will benefit the townspeople, the business community and its visitors. Herne Bay is actively meeting the challenge of competing with other towns. We are planning to enhance the whole of the town; it’s activities and attractions to make every visit to the town a worthwhile experience. Herne Bay has been designated a regeneration area, Town Partners will contribute and assist with the process.


Herne Bay Town Partners is made up of a Management Board from the private and public sector. Our funders are invited to be actively involved in the Board and Steering Groups.


Our Executive Committee consists of:

Vice Chairman                                           Peter Goodwin
Treasurer  /    Company Secretary         Stuart Way

Board Members          Vanessa Field, Mark Isom, Colleen Ashwin-Kean, Michael Khoury, Michael Britton,Tony Symond, Keith Roberts, Richard Owen, Chris West.




Herne Bay Town Partners is working in partnership with all sectors of the community including:


Herne Bay Town Centre Management part of Canterbury City Council
Canterbury City Council
Kent County Council
Herne Bay Chamber of Commerce
Herne Bay Public Safety Unit
Herne Bay Residents Association
Local Voluntary and Charity Groups


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