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Winners of the Herne Bay Easter Trail
April 13th, 2019

Thank you to everyone who entered the Easter Trail we had 287 entries.
Family voucher to Wildwood Rebecca Wenban
High Street (Green) Hope Head
Mortimer St / William St(Red) Sam Goddard
Seafront (Blue) Jessica Walden


Herne Bay Creates this July 19
April 12th, 2019

A brand new event is coming to Herne Bay from 3-5 July.'Herne Bay Creates' the best of Art, Music, Dance, Drama and all that is creative...
The event is being organised by Herne Bay Town Partners who will be working with Beach Creative and other groups in the Bay.
If you would like to be part of 'Herne Bay Creates'.
Please email hernebaytownpartners@gmail.com


Be the BOSS and live the DREAM!
April 11th, 2019

Does anyone want to live the dream and own their own record shop
Bside the Cside are retiring and are selling their lovely record shop which includes all stock plus a 2 bed roomed 2 storey living accommodation above (all freehold)
please look at our website www.bsidethecside.co.uk or phone 01227 360400 or email chriseastman@outlook.com


April 4th, 2019

Chris Millbank's collection "Original Masters" Another amazing collection of prints at very affordable prices. Exhibition is 13-18 April . You are invited to his Private View on Friday evening 12th April 6-8pm which is combined with the Private View of the Graduates from UCA whose work "Blue Studio" will be in the Marcel Gallery at the same time. Look forward to seeing you there! www.beachcreative.org


Be part of the Herne Bay Classic Motor Show
April 3rd, 2019

Herne Bay Town Partners is organising the 14th Herne Bay Classic Motor Show on the seafront on 11 August 2019, which is the premier event of BAY FEST 19. To help us make this happen, we require sponsors to be part of the largest event in Herne Bay in 2019. For a Sponsorship Package email: hernebaytownpartners@gmail.com


Alice & the Hatters re-opens
April 2nd, 2019

Alice & the Hatter, Herne Bay's themed restaurant has re-open in William St after a long period of exstensive building work. The exciting restaurant offers a range of food and beverages for the whole family.


Gales damage Herne Bay Pier
March 10th, 2019

Strong winds and gales hit the Kent Coast and cause damage to Herne Bay Pier. Amusements and attractions are damaged at the end of the Pier.


The New Jersey Seasons in Herne Bay
February 20th, 2019

The New Jersey Seasons West End Stars are appearing at VIBE, 55 Central Parade, Herne Bay (seafront)
SATURDAY 30 MARCH 2019 7pm.
for one night only
Tickets from £11.50 10% Early Bird Discount
When booking use code 'LASTSATURDAY03' until 9th March 2019
Entrance to the V.I.P pre show cocktail hour with music from the West End Lady. Tribute to Franki Valli & The Four Seasons from the West End Boys
BUT YOUR TICKETS AT www.westendtributes.com/tickets


Business Hub@CWW Accountants
January 24th, 2019

Are you working from home, but work like to work in an office? CWW Accountants have opened a business hub in the heart of Herne Bay town centre, 153 Mortimer St, Herne Bay, next to Iceland. You can rent a desk for a day, week, month, whatever suits your business. Plus there will be business workshops, business support and advice. For more information call: 01227 366265


Network @ our Business Breakfast
January 8th, 2019

Herne Bay Town Partners organise the Herne Bay Business Breakfast.
The Business Breakfast is open to anyone who has an interest in business in Herne Bay.
Great Networking, Guest Speakers and the latest information on Herne Bay. The next meeting is on Tuesday 19 Feb 2019, 7.15 - 8.30am at Mortimers in Mortimer St, Herne Bay.
Come and join a friendly bunch of people for a full English breakfast and some good networking and humour.£10.00 per person.
To book email: Hernebaytownpartners@gmail.com


January 7th, 2019

FREE PARKING for 2 hours in the William Street Car Park. Support our local businesses this Christmas by shopping in Herne Bay.


HELP promoting your Business?
December 14th, 2018

Need engaging content for your website? Need help writing your next brochure/flyer? No time to push your business on social media? Need someone to proofread your marketing material/brochure/menu?
Liz Jones is a highly experienced wordsmith who has worked in magazine and website publishing for 10+ years.
For all things words, call Liz on: 07957 453509 Or email: wordsmith_jones@mail.com


The Retailers Light Up Herne Bay
December 5th, 2018

Congratulations to the Herne Bay Retail Group for lighting up Herne Bay this Christmas. The group have worked very hard to raise funds for our Christmas Lights.


What's On at the Kavanagh Cinema
December 3rd, 2018

Kavanagh Cinema Programme Details 30th Nov - 6th Dec RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET (pg) Daily 5.30pm Sat & Sun 12noon 2.45pm Relaxed Screening Sat 10am THE GRINCH (u) Fri, Sat, Sun, Tue, Wed 6pm Sat & Sun 1pm 3.45pm Wed 3.45pm Mon & Thurs 4.30pm FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDLEWALD (12a) Daily 8.15pm Wed 2pm ROBIN HOOD (12a) Fri, Sat, Sun, Tue, Wed 8.20pm Mon & Thurs 2pm Wed 1pm KING OF THEIVES (15) Wed 11am NT LIVE Ralph Fiennes ANTONY & CLEOPATRA Thurs 7pm


First set of Traffic Lights was in Herne Bay
August 22nd, 2018

The first set of traffic lights in Kent were at the junction of Canterbury Road / High Street in Herne Bay, installed in April 1933.


Community Driving School Needs Your Help
July 24th, 2018

John Nicholson has created an excellent concept called the Community Driving School. It helps people who are unemployed to have driving lessons and pass their driving test, which will assist in helping them to gain employment.
To help CDS grow, John needs help and sponsorship to enable him to help more unemployed people.
If you who like more information visit: www.thecds.org.uk or see John at the Herne Bay Classic Motor Show on 19 August. CDS has been supported by Kent Enterprise Trust, Start My Biz and many other local sponsors.
Photo taken by blackpiranhaphotographic@gmail.com


It's fun on the Pier
May 21st, 2018

Is fun, entertainment and music on Herne Bay Pier. See the excellent businesses in their huts, enjoy the varied selection food outlets or just relax and soak up the atmosphere. A great Fun Day Out for all the Family.


Sweet Sol on TV T
April 16th, 2018

Sweet Sol were on the NEWS Tonight. Sweet Sol were 'live' on Kent Tonight KMTV news talking about our award win at the Kent Business Awards, our brand new concept idea and more! Head on over to KMTV on Freeview 7 or Virgin 159. It's also available to watch online Take a look at our brand new tri-fold information leaflets "Everything You Need To Know". There is info about us, our mission and our ethos that is believing in love.


New Cafe TOAST in Beach Creative
March 29th, 2018

TOAST is the new café within the beautiful walls of the Beach Creative gallery and studio space in Herne Bay.

TOAST offer simple, comfortable but high quality food, gorgeous snacks and excellent coffee. They are working with Lost Sheep Coffee to bring you the best tasting caffeine hit around. Open Tuesday to Sunday 9am - 5pm.


Herne Bay Town Partners donate to Strode Park
March 27th, 2018

Herne Bay Town Partners have presented a donation to the Strode Park Foundation of £212.00. This was the proceeds from the Pancake Race in the town on 15 February 2018.


Buy in the Bay Business of the Month
March 26th, 2018

Pashleys Cake Emporium is this months winner of the Business of the Month Award, run as part of the city council’s Buy in the Bay shop local project. Pashleys Cake Emporium 163 High Street, Herne Bay, wins a two-week bespoke social media campaign, a case study promotion on the Buy in the Bay website, a business profile on the Grow my Biz and Start my Biz websites and a certificate to display in their shop. The Business of the Month Award was set up to encourage Herne Bay’s businesses to engage more online with customers and residents and help spread the word about Buy in the Bay.


Community Talks in Herne Bay 2018
March 6th, 2018

TALK 1 TUESDAY 10 APRIL (2.15pm-4.15pm) PHILOSOPHY: PHILOSOPHY OF THE SOUL with WEA Lecturer David Derrington from Cornwall. Every conscious being has what may be called a ‘soul’. The part of us that is non-physical and in most religions is believed to live on after death. But, what is Soul? And where would anyone find it? Do animals have a soul? In this session David Derrington will be considering both Eastern and Western philosophical aspects of soul, as well as insights from 21st century neuroscience. David has recently been in dialogue involving ‘cutting edge thinking’ regarding the soul and this will be included in his very inspirational talk. ***** TALK 2 TUESDAY 17 APRIL (2.15pm-4.15pm) PHILOSOPHY: MORAL PHILOSOPHY with Dr Simon Kirchin, Reader in Philosophy and Dean of Humanities at the University of Kent. We face and hear about moral problems every day. These problems range from life and death matters concerning abortion, euthanasia and the like, to other things such as whether it is right to tell a lie to prevent hurting someone’s feelings. At some point, we might wonder whether there is a set of rules that will help us through these tricky problems. Dr Kirchin will explain how Normative Ethics contains a number of these theories that attempt to give us some principles to sort out the mess and tell us which course of action is morally best and why. Of course ethical theories do not exist in a vacuum as we shall see. Our everyday intuitions about which is right are both the origin of Normative Ethical theory and the thoughts raised against them. For details and to book a place ring Tel: 07919978883 email: lovingtheknowledge@gmail.com 2. TALK 3 TUESDAY 8 MAY (2.15pm-4.15pm) PSYCHOLOGY: HUMAN EMOTION AND ATTENTION with Dr Dinkar Sharma, Reader in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Kent. Emotion is the driving force behind motivation. Strong emotions can cause you to take action you might not normally perform, or avoid situations you generally enjoy. Dr Sharma is interested in how humans adapt their behaviour according to emotional events. His research seeks to investigate how human attention works in the brain. Through the combination of behavioural experiments and brain imaging, neuroscience is starting to clarify the underlying mechanism. This talk will provide an overview of the psychology of human attention and emotions, asking questions such as how does the brain pay attention? What are the interconnections between emotion and attention? Moreover, what are the possible clinical implications? ***** TALK 4 TUESDAY 15 MAY (2.15pm-4.15pm) PSYCHOLOGY: MENTAL ENHANCEMENT USING PHYSICAL EXERCISE with Amir-Homayoun Javadi, Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Kent. The prevalence of illnesses related to memory difficulties, such as dementia is on the rise with 7.7 million new cases of dementia being identified each year. This results in great economic strain on health and social care costs. As such, it is perhaps more important than ever for research to examine how to maintain or even improve memory. There are many ways to help memory, including physical exercise. Researchers have found that acute physical exercise such as 40 minutes of cycling has a positive effect on memory. Mr Javadi will give an introduction to this topic and report on how his recent findings can be used in everyday life for preventing and treating cognitive impairments. ***** TALK 5 TUESDAY 29 MAY (2.15pm-4.15pm) PHYSICAL SCIENCES: ALBERT EINSTEIN AND LIGHT with Dr Gavin Mountjoy, Reader in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Kent. Stars, galaxies and planets rush about the universe and we have always gauged our sense of time from these passing objects in the sky. A hundred years ago, German physicist Albert Einstein rocked the scientific world by revolutionising our ideas of space, time and motion. Dr Mountjoy will give us a beginners guide to Einstein’s famous theories of Special and General Relativity and explain exactly what E=MC2 is. Physicists did not develop a complete understanding of light until the 20th century. In the second part of this talk, he will discuss the different properties and behaviour of light and how Einstein contributed a greater appreciation towards several of its aspects that are not obvious in everyday life. 3. TALK 6 TUESDAY 5 JUNE (2.15pm-4.15pm) HISTORY: KING CHARLES II with Professor Ken Fincham, Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Kent In popular legend, Charles II was a ‘merry monarch’ who escaped from Cromwell and the Roundheads by hiding up a tree. On his return to England to a rapturous reception in 1660, he enjoyed life to the full and had a bevy of royal mistresses including Barbara Villiers and Nell Gwyn. In this lecture, Professor Fincham will suggest that Charles II is a fascinating character, with a wide range of interests from chemistry to yachting. But, he was also a cynical and calculating politician, determined at all cost not to ‘go on his travels again’. He faced some formidable problems, several which he himself had helped to cause, but largely triumphed over his opponents, and unlike his father and brother died in his own bed as King of Great Britain. ***** TALK 7 TUESDAY 19 JUNE (2.15pm-4.15pm) PHILOSOPHY: LOVE MATTERS - A Philosophical History with Professor Jeremy Carrette, Lecturer in Philosophy, Religion and Culture at the University of Kent. What is love? Is love an emotion, a conscious choice or a moral action? This talk will consider this question in relation to the western philosophical tradition. It will bring a range of theories of love from the history of philosophy and from various traditions including analytical philosophy, feminism, pragmatism and continental thought. Professor Carrette will explore questions of love, beauty and friendship in Plato and Aristotle. Romantic traditions of love, the logic of love in Pierce and James, feminist politics of love and cognitive models of love. The aim of this talk is to show how a philosophical history of love can help us understand love as a dynamic and multi-dimensional feature of human relationships. ***** TALK 8 TUESDAY 26 JUNE (2.15pm-4.15pm) ANTHROPOLOGY: HUMAN EVOLUTION with Dr Matthew Skinner, Senior Lecturer in Biological Anthropology at the University of Kent. We are all fascinated by the history of our early ancestors. And, in recent years DNA testing has helped scientists to uncover the secrets of ancient bones. Dr Skinner will present a number of important outstanding questions in the human evolutionary story. This will include the origins of our lineage, the potential importance of climbing in our ancestors and evidence for the earliest stone tools. To complement his talk Dr Skinner will bring along a number of fossil casts that will allow you to gain an understanding of the wealth of evidence we have for the evolution of our species. 4. TALK 9 TUESDAY 10 JULY (2.15pm-4.15pm) NATURAL HISTORY: SACRED TREES with Dr Michael Bintley, Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature at Canterbury Christ Church University. Trees were often regarded as sacred in most cultures in the ancient world. Mainly for their longevity, medicinal properties or because they were seen as the dwelling places for nature spirits or deities. Dr Bintley will talk about sacred trees in the pre-Christian and post conversion religious traditions of early medieval England and Scandinavia. He will discuss the evidence for the tree veneration in pagan Anglo Saxon England and Scandinavia, before addressing the manner in which trees became an important part of the symbolism of the early medieval church. ***** TALK 10 TUESDAY 24 JULY (2.15pm-4.15pm) ASTROPHYSICS: STAR CLUSTERS and PLANET FORMATION with Dr Dirk Froebrich, Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Kent. There are billions of stars in our universe. Almost all of these stars are born in large groups of clusters. The formation of these stars is inextricably linked to the formation of their planetary systems. These planets form out of the accretion disks surrounding the young stars. In this talk, Dr Froebrich will give an overview of these processes and introduce the Citizen Science Project - ‘Hunting Outbursting Young Stars’ with the Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science. In this project, amateur astronomers significantly contribute to our understanding of the formation of terrestrial planets. ***** TALK 11 TUESDAY 7 AUGUST (2.15pm-4.15pm) LITERATURE: EDUCATION and VIOLENCE in LOUISA MAY ALCOTT’S LITTLE WOMEN with Dr Michael Collins, Senior Lecturer in American Literature at the University of Kent. Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women series is among the most famous cycle of works from the 19th century USA and has earned a place in the annals of beloved classics. Its account of the lives of the March sisters has become a touchstone or images of middle north eastern America. Yet this reception history belies both the history of its production in the years running up to, and including the Civil War, and the novel’s increasingly dark visions for the future of American society. Dr Collins will consider how Alcott’s early life informed her early work. He will then consider how her theories of education responds across her novels to the changing intellectual landscape of the 19th century USA, as she tried to maintain her belief in equality for growth in the face of Civil War, biological fixed concepts of intelligence and an expanding capitalist state. 5. TALK 12 TUESDAY 14 AUGUST (2.15pm-4.15pm) COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE: CRYSTAL THERAPY & NEUROFLEXOLOGY with Therapist Tania Waller from Swanley. Man has probably been using crystals and gemstones all its lifetime to help with spiritual healing and even catching fish! Nature’s gemstones such as Amethyst, Quartz and Agates can match the invisible energy centres linked to the seven main endocrine glands of the body and can return your sense of harmony and well-being. Tania will bring some samples of her crystals and tell us some of their history and how their healing powers can be used. Crystals will be available to buy on the day. As a Founder Member of the International Neuroflexology Guild, teacher and practitioner, Tania will explain how this short treatment, less than 10 minutes, gives the recipient time to respond to the treatment by clearing blocked nerve pathways. This is very effective for anxious states, panic attacks, as well as joint mobility problems. ***** TALK 13 TUESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER (2.15pm-4.15pm) LITERATURE: THE VICTORIAN WOMAN WRITER and the CLEVER HEROINE with Dr Sara Lyons, Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Kent. In the Victorian age, the inferiority of the female mind was treated a matter of both common sense and scientific fact. Women had only limited opportunities to distinguish themselves intellectually in public life. What then, did it mean to claim that a particular woman was intelligent or even a genius? This talk will suggest that the novel was a vital medium for substantiating the feminist contention that women had dormant or frustrated intellectual capacities. Dr Lyons will discuss two novels from the second half of the 19th century, both centred on an intellectually exceptional heroine George Eliot’s ‘Mill on the Floss’ (1860) and Sarah Grand’s ‘The Beth Book’ (1897), and consider how the desire to vindicate women’s unrecognised intellectual potential crossed with the wider Victorian drive to measure, classify, and rank minds. - ends - Our grateful thanks to RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) for funding the printing of this programme – www.rsp.co.uk


Sponsor Herne Bay's largest event The Classic Motor Show
February 19th, 2018

Herne Bay Town Partners in partnership with Classic Music & Motors is organising the Herne Bay Classic Motor Show on 19 August 2018, Central Parade (seafront). Over 500 classics will be exhibiting, plus the Classic Music Show, Retro Market, Children's Entertainers and much more. This will be Herne Bay's largest event in 2018. To find out more about our sponsorship packages: email: classicmusicandmotors@gmail.com


Herne Bay Charity Pancake Race
February 12th, 2018

The Herne Bay Town Partners Charity Pancake Race was was on Shove Tuesday 13 February 2018. Six teams took part in the event, CWW Accountants, Strode Park, Tuck & Truck, Flipping Ladies, SE Architects and the Herne Bayers. Despite the wind and rain the race went ahead with CWW Accountants winning by 5 metres. Donations from the event go to the Strode Park Foundation.


New BAY Card Businesses
December 30th, 2017

We have seven new businesses who accept the BAY Card: Charlie's Bistro, The Sea Horse, Peace Together, Premier Financial Services, Ollie B's Pet Boutique, Belles Stage School and Belles Brides. Visit www.baycard.co.uk to see their offers.


Herne Bay Christmas Lights are switched on
December 1st, 2017

The Herne Bay Retail Group light up Herne Bay this Christmas. The group raised funds to have new Christmas Lights in the town. Last Friday it was the switch on of the Christmas Lights, with live music, entertainment and fun.
A large crowd enjoyed the switch on at 5.30pm by Sophie Doust, a young lady who raised funds for the Christmas Lights and Farther Christmas.


The Gastro Deli is NOW OPEN
November 15th, 2017

The new Gastro- Deli opened on 15 November 2017 at 78 High Street, Herne Bay.


Santas on the Run
November 10th, 2017

The Pilgrims Hospice are holding Santas on the Run
Date: 3 December 2017 Time: Registration from 10am; run starts at 11am Location: The Bandstand, Herne Bay CT6 5JJ Cost: Advance entry: Adult £16, Under 18s £10, Family (2 adults, 2 children) £40 / On the day: Adult £20, Under 18s £10 (Entry includes Santa suit) Contact name: Deborah Kellond Contact email: Deborah.Kellond@pilgrimshospices.org


Be a BAY Card Business
October 17th, 2017

Would you like to attract more customers to your business?
Become a BAY Card business, all you have to do is offer customers who hold a BAY Card a discount or promotional offer, you will feature on the BAY Card website and on our promotional material.
There is no charge to be a BAY Card Business.
Please email info.baycard@gmail.com


Discover what you can Buy in the Bay
August 30th, 2017

Discover what you can buy in Herne Bay.
Support your local independent shops and experience the difference in Herne Bay. Spend just £10 a week in town and help create an economic benefit of £302,000 per week for local businesses.Visit: www.buyinthebay.co.uk


Fire hits Crown Products in Herne Bay
June 23rd, 2017

Last Friday a large fire started in the wood yard of one of Herne Bay's largest companies, Crown Products. Eight fire engines and 45 firemen tackled the blaze on the Industrial Estate in Eddington, Herne Bay.


Rock Stars visit B-Side the Seaside
April 11th, 2017

60's stars, Chris Britton & John Steel from the Animals and the Troggs visited B-Side the Seaside Record Shop in the High Street last Friday. They spent an hour in the shop, signing and meeting the customers.


Easter Trail & Egg Hunt
April 5th, 2017

The BIG EASTER TRAIL is open to children aged 3 - 11 years from 15 - 20 April 2019. There are three Easter Trails: High Street, William St & Mortimer St and Central Parade & Pier. Children can pick up an entry form in any of the businesses display a Easter Trail poster or at Wilbee & Son Estate Agents in Mortimer Street. Children can enter all three trails if they wish. All entries will go into a draw. There are three £20.00 vouchers to be won and a Family ticket to Wildwood.

GOOD FRIDAY is the Easter Egg Hunt for the first 200 children aged 3 - 11 years. The Easter Egg Hunt starts at 10am from the Co-op, Mortimer Street entrance. Children spot the posters in the shop windows, return to the Co-op and WIN a free Easter Egg.


Radio Cabin is now on-air 94.6fm
April 4th, 2017

Radio Cabin 94.6FM is Herne Bay's new Community Radio for Herne Bay. It’s packed full of information plus loads more, including weather and a “What’s On” guide for Herne Bay. Radio Cabin broadcasts 365 days a year, online and on 94.6FM to the community of Herne Bay, giving you a wide range of music mixed with local content exclusive to Herne Bay.


Expo 17 on 3rd May 2017
March 20th, 2017

Expo is back! One of the largest business and community exhibitions in Herne Bay takes place on Wednesday 3 May 2017 between 11am and 4pm at the impressive King’s Hall, right on the seafront. Building on the success of last year’s event that hosted 65 exhibitors, over 600 visitors are expected to attend this year. Join us at King's Hall to showcase your business, take advantage of networking opportunities and see what else the district has to offer you. You'll also be able to find out how our Buy in the Bay shop local campaign is supporting local businesses. Watch the video below to get a taste of last year's event. Book your stand To book your stand at a cost of £50, please email angela.furlong@canterbury.gov.uk or call 01227 862 262. You must book by Friday 31 March 2017.


Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers at the Kings Hall
February 1st, 2017

Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers will be appearing at the Kings Hall, Herne Bay on Friday 21 April 2017.
In 1974 the world was to witness a new musical phenomenon the like of which had not been seen the days of Elvis and The Beatles. The music of the Bay City Rollers became the soundtrack for a generation of teenagers growing up in the mid 70’s. The face and voice of that soundtrack belonged to Les McKeown. With Les leading the way, the band’s singles and albums shot to the number spot all over the globe. Massive hits such as Bye Bye Baby, Shang A Lang, Summer Love Sensation and Give A Little Love (to name just a few) propelled the band to world-wide superstardom and their trademark Scottish tartan was to be seen everywhere across the planet. Join Les McKeown and his band for a celebration of an amazing show!


SAVE MONEY with the BAY Card
January 19th, 2017

Herne Bay Town Partners have re-launched the BAY Card. Pick up your BAY Card in businesses in the town, including Wilbee & Son Estate Agents, Mortimer's Café, Rogers Menswear and start saving money in Herne Bay. Visit the website to see the businesses accepting the BAY Card www.baycard.co.uk.
The BAY Card is sponsored by OWEN Electrical Contracts Ltd and KCC


Ron Woodward is awarded an MBE
January 3rd, 2017

Well known local man Ron Woodward has received an MBE for services to Age UK and the community. Since 2000, he has been the Vice Chair of Age UK Herne Bay, a role that he continues in today. He has led the organisation through a period of transformation, playing a crucial part in securing its future. Over the last four years, he has worked closely with the Chief Officer to project manage the future site of that houses Age UK Herne Bay. One project was to renovate a building from a 40-bed care home into a hub for the whole community. He project managed the major refurbishment, helping to raise almost £3 million for the project from Charitable Trusts and Foundations. His professional expertise with regards to the architecture and design saved the project the costs that would have been otherwise required to pay professionals. His input to the new premises helped ensure of the smooth transition of the project. He continues to attend regular Age UK Herne Bay Trustee meetings as a Board Member. He has been a prime organiser of the Herne Bay Carnival and continues as an honorary member of the Herne Bay Rotary Club after almost 20 years. He is very focused on helping with organisations that support all ages of people in Herne Bay.


Herne Bay FC Janaury Fixtures
January 2nd, 2017

Monday 2 January 2017 3pm
Tuesday 10 January 2017 7.45pm
Tuesday 17 January 2017 7.45pm
21 January 2017 3pm


Festive Fun from the Cosy Crew
December 6th, 2016

The famous Cosy Crew have hit Herne Bay and have made the post boxes in the town look really festive.


BAY Card and friend
November 24th, 2016

The BAY Card was launched on Saturday 27 November 2016, with a little help from Town Partners friend, Mickey.


Electricbase is a Town Partner
October 26th, 2016

Electricbase in Herne Bay is an electrical wholesaler based within the Buildbase site on Sea Street, Herne Bay.
They specialise in offering quality electrical items to both trade and public and offer a number of services and offers including FREE Delivery service, Cash Back Day events, Managers special offers and contact with a number of leading electrical suppliers, including Hager, BG, Click and Doncaster Cables.
Being part of Buildbase an account with Electricbase means you can access all aspects of the branch, which includes,Buildbase, Hirebase and the new Paintbase.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am - 5.00pm, Saturdays 8.00am - 12noon.


Aura have become a Town Partner
September 27th, 2016

Aura are an event production services and equipment hire. Whatever event you’re putting on, we have the equipment to make it happen, from a small party sound system for your iPod through to a full outdoor festival stage with large format sound system and lighting rig. Hire stock covers sound, lighting, staging, backline, AV, special effects & power and is suitable for concerts, festivals, corporate events, theatre and more.

For more information email: damon@aura-event.services or Tel: 01227 807560


The return of the BAY Card
September 18th, 2016

The very popular BAY Card is coming back.
Herne Bay Town Partners will be re-launching The BAY Card shortly.
Save money in many local businesses, pick up your FREE card soon.
Be a BAY Card business, it's FREE, all you have to do is give a discount or promotional offer.
The Bay Card is sponsored by: OWEN Electrical Contracts Ltd and KCC
For more information E: info@hernebaytp.co.uk


The Amy Johnson Statue unveiled
September 16th, 2016

The Amy Johnson Statue was unveiled on Saturday 17 September by Prince Michael of Kent. The Amy Johnson Project has raised over £20k and would like to thank the local businesses and community for their support.


Looking Foward in Herne Bay
August 30th, 2016

Herne Bay has had an amazing summer, with great events including: The Classic Motor Show, Carnival, Air Show and Festival.
We are now looking forward to THE SHOP LOCAL Campaign, the re-introduction of the BAY CARD by Herne Bay Town Partners, the opening of the Aldi Store and some great events including the Zombie Crawl, the Christmas Lights Switch On and much more.


Herne Bay Festival was a success
August 19th, 2016

The Herne Bay Festival featured an exciting and varied nine-day programme of over 80 free events including a rich mixture community events with Herne Bay's Got Talent and Herne Bay Rocks returning, plus local arts events, competitions and workshops for all ages. This year's theme is going back to the roots and simply 'Celebrating Herne Bay' and all the amazing things the town has to offer.The annual Lantern Parade had its very own theme – Rio Carnival, in celebration of the 2016 Olympics.


Wow what an Air Show
August 8th, 2016

Last Sunday Herne Bay had it's largest event ever, The Herne Bay Air Show with a trilling display of over 40 planes, including the Red Arrows. It is estimated over 100,000 people watched the show, from Whitstable to Reculver. The event was organised by the Bay Promo Team.


Record Crowd at Classic Motor Show
July 17th, 2016

The Herne Bay Classic Motor Show was on Sunday 17 July 2016 and it was the largest crowd ever. An estimated 15,000 people attended.
The show featured 300 classic vehicles, including the 1928 Renault NN which was used in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
The Classic Music Show had great performances from Ben Mills & his Band, Mel Harris and Jodie South, plus Retro Stalls and much more.

The show was organised by Classic Music & Motors and Herne Bay Town Partners. Thank you to our sponsors: MACKARIS, EMS, EAST KENT STATIONERS and KCC.


Ode to Herne Bay Poem is Published
July 15th, 2016

Former Chairman of Herne Bay Town Partners, Joanna Verrico has written a poem 'Ode to Herne Bay'which is published in a book of poems called The Wider View.


My childhood memories are so sweet
Of Buckets and spades and two wet feet;
Of gazing at distant Roman towers
The glorious Clock Tower telling the hours,
Of feeding ducks in Memorial Park,
Licking ice-cream and playing 'till dark.
The world's moved on since childhood days,
The town has changed in many ways.
Barnes Wallis now stands so proud and true
A stark reminder of our debt to the few.
Bigger and better than it was before.
With gardens and flowers along the shore,
And smiling faces enjoying the day.
A wonderful place to work, rest and play.
Nestling twixt our sister towns,
The hidden jewel for me just crowns,
This area in this part of Kent,
My many years I feel well spent.


Casa Mia features in the Sunday Times
July 15th, 2016

Casa Mia in Herne Bay featured in the in the Sunday Times food magazine, The Dish, in the article Ace of base where Daniel Young picks his 25 favourite UK pizza venues.

Home from Home: A Casa Mia, Herne Bay, Kent

Chef and owner Gennaro Esposito started out in the business as an unpaid delivery boy in Naples. On Sundays, his family would send him out to Lombardi, the storied pizzeria, for takeaway. His place serves the UK’s first pizza to meet the guidlines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The popular house pizza comprises of homemade meatballs, parmesan and San Marzano Tomatoes.


Herne Bay survey coming soon
July 13th, 2016

Canterbury City Council are creating a survey to find out what people really think of Herne Bay. The survey will be online from next week. By filling in the survey you will be entered into a draw to WIN £100 worth of Love To Shop Vouchers. Watch this space for the survey


Sweet Sol is open in the High Street
June 11th, 2016

Sweet Sol is a brilliant new interactive, educational sweet shop with a magical recording booth and fun, healthy workshops with a visiting nutritionist in Herne Bay! You can buy delicious gluten free, sugar free and normal sweets and healthy juices, record a personal greeting card, buy special toothbrushes and hold your children’s birthday party. We are so please donate a little money to spread a lot of love, educate about nutrition and dental health and create some #SweetMemories. Your REWARD for donating will be to receive some free Sweet Sol treats and you can even get free sweets for a year and of course you’re helping bring people together, bridge the generation gap, educate kids about nutrition and dental care and support the Operation Smile charity! The team behind Sweet Sol is musician and founder of Music Studio on the Pier Kris Searle and his business partner Chris. The ethos behind Sweet Sol is #BelieveinLove and create #SweetMemories


New Bridge at Beltinge
May 3rd, 2016

A new pedestrian bridge has been opened at Blacksole Bridge, Beltinge. The bridge has been funded by Terrace Hill, as part of the Altria Development. The bridge was officially opened on 26 April 2016 and named after the World War Two Pilot, Albert Hugo Friday, who lost his life close to the bridge.


Channel 4 filming in Herne Bay
March 19th, 2016

Channel 4 is filming a new programme, Coast v Country in South Road, Herne Bay on Wednesday.


Award Winning Businesses
March 14th, 2016

Herne Bay food businesses walked away with the top quality awards at the Taste of Kent Awards. Peter Produces in William St, won Local Retailer of the Year. Hudsons Fish in the High Street, won Kent Fishmonger of the Year and Zingiberi Bakery won the Kent Bakery & Confectionery award for its Captain Crackers recipe.


Homes Under the Hammer in the Bay
March 13th, 2016

Lucy Alexander from BBC Homes Under the Hammer has been filming at a property in Station Road, Herne Bay. Local estate agent, Peter Goodwin from Wilbee & Son Estate Agents was asked to value the property. The programme will be screened later in the year.


'Little Shop of Horrors'
March 12th, 2016

Herne Bay Musical Theatre Society are performing 'Little Shop of Horrors' at the Bay Theatre from 1 - 4 June 2016


Sanisburys Pull Out of Herne Bay
March 7th, 2016

Sainsbury’s revealed they are pulling out of plans to open a new store in Herne Bay.
Developers were set to hand over the 100,000 sq ft building on the Altira Business Park to the supermarket giant in May.


Music in Mortimer St
March 5th, 2016

SUNDAY, 20TH MARCH 2016 2.30 PM "Something for Everyone!" DAVID RUDDOCK, East Kent's leading Classical Pianist makes a welcome return, but this time, with the added attraction of JANE BROWNE playing her Violin, and ADRIAN SMITH with the Viola, for an afternoon of Musical Medley. Tickets on the door at £6.00 include light refreshments during the interval. United Church, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay. CT6 5EB www.unitedchurch.co.uk SATURDAY, 9TH APRIL 2016 7.30 PM "Organ Recital" by celebrated Cathedral Organist, BENJAMIN CHEWTER, who will once again enthral us with the versatility of the magnificent organ at United Church, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay. CT6 5EB Tickets at £8.00 will be available on the door and will include light refreshments during the interval. www.unitedchurch.co.uk MONDAY, 25TH APRIL 2016 7.30 PM "HERMITAGE ENSEMBLE". Re-live the highly acclaimed BBC dramatisation of War and Peace through it's haunting music sung by this professional ensemble of soloists from St. Petersburg, Russia presenting a concert of Orthodox Russian church music and folk songs a cappella at United Church, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay. CT6 5EB. Tickets at £10.00 are available from 07484 641904 or on the door on the evening, and will include light refreshments during the interval. www.unitedchurch.co.uk


Classic Motor Show on the seafront
February 15th, 2016

The Herne Bay Classic Motor Show will be back on the seafonrt on 17 July 2016. Last year, due to the emergency work in the High St, the show had to be moved four days before the event to the Herne Bay Junior School. This years show will have a selection of over 300 classic vehicles, the Classic Music Show, Retro Market and much more.


Aldi Development has started
January 4th, 2016

The new Aldi development has started on the Kings Road Car Park.


Do you have an event in Herne Bay in 2016?
January 3rd, 2016

Are you organising an event in Herne Bay in 2016? If you are, please send us details of your event, description of the event, date,location, time, cost and your contact details. We will add it to our events page on the website. Please email details to: chris.west@canterbury.gov.uk


Amy Johnson Commemoration
January 2nd, 2016

Aviation pioneer Amy Johnson died off the shores of Herne Bay on 5 January 1941. On 5 Janaury 2016 was a short service by the Amy Johnson Information Board to commemorate this amazing lady.


Herne Bay in 2016
January 1st, 2016

In 2016 Herne Bay will see some major positive changes to the town including the completion of the Bun Penny development, the relocation of the Bus Garage, the new Sainsbury’s development at Altria Park and the Aldi Development on Kings Road Car Park. The town will also receive a make-over, with the resurfacing of the William Street car park, a new designed area by the Council Offices and enhancements to the street scape in the town centre.


Herne Bay Town Partners wish you a Merry Christmas
December 22nd, 2015

The Board of Herne Bay Town Partners would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Festive Fun from the Cosy Crew
December 21st, 2015

A group of Herne Bay knitters, who call themselves the 'Cosy Crew' have made ten festive fun hats for the town's post boxes. Herne Bay is so lucky to have so many talented people.


Record crowd see Christmas Lights Switch On
December 5th, 2015

The largest crowd for a number of years, saw Herne Bay Christmas Lights Switched On last Friday. The fun started at 4pm with excellent performances from the Harmony Hampton Choir, Reg E Mental and Abbalisous. The Lights were swicthed on by a special little boy, Oliver Nelson who requires treatment in America. His family are trying to raise £25k, to donate visit: www.olivernelson.net, Oliver was assited by the Sheriff of Canterbury, Cllr Robert Jones. The Herne Bay Christmas Lights have been sponsored by Owen Electrical Contractors.


Masala Bay at British Curry Awards 2015
December 4th, 2015

Masala Bay amongst the Crème of UK Curry Industry crowned at British Curry Awards 2015 Benchmark award ceremony honoured unsung heroes behind the UK’s favourite dish as industry faces continued challenges The UK’s favourite cuisine was once again celebrated at the 11th, annual British Curry Awards on Monday 30th November at Battersea Evolution, London. The industry at large, foodies, celebrities, MP’s and dignitaries collectively paid homage to the nation’s finest curry restaurants at one of the most lauded events of the UK hospitality sector. Guests included GBBO runner-up, Tamal Ray; Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP; Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP; actress Laila Rouass; Adil Ray (Citizen Khan); Eastenders actor Nitin Ganatra; celebrity restaurateur, Prue Leith CBE; Channel 4 News presenter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy; TV personalities, Stephen Mulhern, Lizzie Cundy and Casey Bachelor; The Apprentice contestant Sanjay Sood Smith; broadcaster Zillur Rahman; Ann Main MP, Sharon Hodgson MP and Paul Scully MP. The event was hosted by BBC newsreader, Jane Hill. Masala Bay Indian Takeaway from Herne Bay was shortlisted in the highly competitive Takeaway category, only 8 takeaway restaurants in total from the whole of the UK were shortlisted in this category. This was the third consecutive year that Masala Bay made it to the finals of the Curry Oscars. The award winning takeaway also won the title of Takeaway of the Year for South East England crowned by the English Curry Awards for the third consecutive year. Co-owner of Masala Bay Zahid Rahman said: It is a great honour to be a finalist at the British Curry Awards again, the most competitive and prestigious awards in the curry industry. We are delighted to be recognised amongst the top 100 Indian restaurants in the UK. We have strived to keep producing high standard of food that our customers have come to love. Our consistency is the key to our success at the awards. Most importantly we wish to thank our customers and the local community for their nominations and huge support. The curry industry has embedded itself in the social, cultural and culinary fabric of the UK, with approximately 25million curries being consumed each week. As a result, British Curry Awards has become a key fixture on the UK social calendar, lauded as a national institution in its own right as the first and landmark event to celebrate the industry’s achievements. The nomination process invited members of the public to nominate their favourite curry restaurant for a deserving accolade. This year, a phenomenal 218,000 public nominations were received via post, app and online, from diners nominating their favourite curry restaurants, with 2,459 restaurants being nominated. Via video message, Prime Minister David Cameron said “200 years ago, the Hindustani Coffee House opened in Westminster, the first curry restaurant in Britain. 200 years later, it’s one of the nation’s favourite dishes and this country is home not to one curry restaurant but to ten thousand. Today, the industry generates £4.2bn for our economy. It employs 100,000 people and every single week we eat 2.5m curries. These awards, founded by the formidable Enam Ali, celebrate the people who made that happen and they celebrate British Curry, a unique cuisine that merges western tradition with eastern flavours giving the world prawn puri, onion bhajee, Bombay aloo and, yes of course, chicken tikka masala. I want to thank everyone in this room for what you do. You represent the very best of British values of family, running your restaurants with parents, children and spouses. Enterprise, starting businesses from nothing, hard work, dedicating every hour of everyday to what you do. And above all patriotism, flying a flag for British food right around the world. So congratulations to the winners and to everyone involved in this great British industry.” Masala Bay Indian Takeaway, 76 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5LE – www.masala-bay.co.uk


Small Business Day in Herne Bay SATURDAY
December 2nd, 2015

Come to Herne Bay on Saturday 5 December 2015,for the Small Business Day. There is FREE car parking in the Willaim Street Car Park from 9am - 5pm, plus special offers and discounts in selected shops, entertainment and fun for all the family. Please pick up a leaflet in town and save money.


Christmas Melodies & Carols
December 1st, 2015

Saturday, 12th December 2015 CHRISTMAS MELODIES AND CAROLS with The Oyster Singers at United Church, Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5EB at 7.30 pm. £6.00 on the door includes light refreshments during the interval.


FREE Parking in Herne Bay
October 8th, 2015

From October 2015 - April 2016 you can park on Herne Bay Seafront (Central Parade) for FREE for up to 4 hours,


Clock Tower DVD is launched
October 7th, 2015

The Friends of the Herne Bay Clock Tower presented The launch of the 'Tales of the Clock Tower' DVD last Saturday with more than 2000 people attending the event. The event featured a large screen showing the ' Tales of the Clock Tower' DVD and 'Wish you were here' DVD and the Olly Murrs Tribute had the crowds dancing on the Plaza. The event finished with a fantasic Firework display.


Support the Amy Johnson Project
October 1st, 2015

Jane Priston who is leading The Amy Johnson Herne Bay Project is making all the right connections within the aviation industry, which will be a real benefit to the town. The Amy Johnson Air Show takes place on 15 August 2015, organised by the Bay Promo Team, which will be Herne Bay's largest ever event.
Another challenge for the project is to have a life-size bronze statue of Amy Johnson on the seafront and the target is to have it in-place for the summer of 2016.
The statue will cost £25,000 and the project needs local support. If you are interested in donating or fund raising for the project, please contact Jane at: www.amyjohnsonhernebay.com


Air Show will be back in 2017
September 22nd, 2015

Organisers behind one of the biggest events in the history of Herne Bay, the Amy Johnson Memorial Air Show have announced that the show will be returning "bigger and better than ever" in 2017.
The air show, which was held during the summer, saw tens of thousands of people visiting Herne Bay to see displays from vintage aircraft, the Red Arrows, and one of the last flights of the Vulcan Bomber. Today, the BayPromoTeam, who organised the event, have confirmed that they have started work on the next air show, but fans will have to wait until 2017 to see it.
Gerald McCarthy, of the team, said the unprecedented success of the air show did not mean the group was resting on its laurels for the follow-up.
He said "People have asked how on earth August's offering can be bettered, but we think it can.
"We've lost the Vulcan bomber now which will be retired next month, but we still want to bring the Lancaster Bomber back to Herne Bay after our two previous unsuccessful attempts. Last year poor weather meant it was grounded and this year an engine fire was to blame.
Are you oversharing with everyone? Many of us have active social (media) lives but when was the last time you checked your security settings? Oversharing could put you at risk. Put it right - get DigiWise Promoted by Experian "With the historic links this aircraft has with the town, bringing it back here is something high up on our list and we're sure thousands of others would like to see it here again too."
Gerald says the event has put Herne Bay on the radar of some international display teams, with interest from the French Patrouille Reva team, and the Swiss Hornets. The BayPromoTeam would also be looking to add a parachute display, and bring back the Red Arrows.
He also urged businesses and the wider community to get involved in funding and supporting the show, which is expected to cost around £100,000 to stage.
He added: "The work starts now to put something like this together, and we'll need businesses and the wider community to help us fund this mammoth event, and help Herne Bay both further establish itself as one of the UK's top air show locations, and showcase our wonderful town and seafront to as wide an audience as possible."


Masala Bay wins Takeaway of the Year
September 8th, 2015

Masala Bay wins Takeaway of the Year Crown for South East England The Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel played host to the fifth annual English Curry Awards on Monday the 31st August 2015. After months of fierce competition, over 15,000 nominations were received from the public across England, which guaranteed an extremely tight contest. Judges visited shortlisted restaurants and takeaways from all over England who are battling it out to make the best curry in the country. Masala Bay Indian Takeaway, Herne Bay was shortlisted in the Best Service and Takeaway of the Year category for the South East Region of England. It is the third consecutive year that Masala Bay has reached the Finals. Masala Bay won the Takeaway of the Year title for the third year. Amad Uddin, Co Owner for Masala Bay expressed “It was an amazing night for Masala Bay, not only were we nominated for 2 categories but we were crowned Takeaway of the Year for South East of England for the third consecutive year. Our success is down to our loyal customers nominating us and our dedicated team”. Yasmin Mahmood, Operations Director for event organisers Oceanic Consulting expressed: “The awards have grown from strength to strength every year, as we see an increase of nominations for those hidden gems as well as the better known curry houses. With everyone favouring their locals, all the finalists truly deserve to win and we wish everyone the best of luck.” The ceremony attracted over 400 people, who enjoyed an evening of a delicious five course meal, live entertainment, fundraising activities, several guest presenters. The Awards also helped raise funds for the official charity partner which has been set up by the former world champion, Amir Khan. The Amir Khan Foundation is dedicated towards supporting young people who are disadvantaged in life due to personal circumstances or the environment they live in. Whether it be through education, empowerment or by inspiring a positive attitude to life, the Foundation helps them to achieve their full potential.


The Amy Johnson Airshow was BRILLIANT!
August 15th, 2015

The largest event ever took place in Herne Bay, last Saturday, The Amy Johnson Air Show, which attracted over 60,000 visitors. The crowds were thrilled with displays from the Red Arrows, Vulcan Bomber and thirty other planes, throughout the afternoon. Town Partners would like to congratulate the Bay Promo Team for an amazing event.


Sainsburys Development has started
June 30th, 2015

The new Sainsbury development at Altria Park, Herne Bay has started. Phase one is to build the footbridge at Blacksole Bridge and small industrial units, which should be ready in May 2016. Phase two is the Sainsbury's store, which is planned to open in June 2016.


Herne Bay Classic Motor Show was a great success
June 28th, 2015

The Herne Bay Classic Motor Show was re located to Herne Bay Junior School, Kings Rd due to the closure of the High Street, four days before the event. The show was a great sucess and featured the very special car owned and driven by avation pioneer, Amy Johnson. The car is a Standard Avon AUU 490 and is named Amy. The show attracted and estimated 5000 visitors throughout the day. The Classic Music Show had excellent performances from Ben Mills, Martin Farbrother and Jodie South, with other attractions including Retro Stalls,Pip the Clown and Punch & Judy.
Herne Bay Town Partners would like to thank the Herne Bay Junior School for allowing us to use the school and short notice.


Lite Bites Cafe is now open
May 2nd, 2015

A new cafe, Lite Bites Cafe is now open at the Hillborough Business Park, Herne Bay. The cafe will have a selection of quality snacks and meals, including Burgers, Jackets, Paninis, Sandwiches and Rolls, Salads, Cakes and drinks. Contact Katrina www.litebitescatering.com or Tel: 0751 7981778


Local Lady Wins £20k at the Connaught Bingo
April 21st, 2015

Last weekend, a local lady won £20k at the Connaught Bingo, Central Parade, Herne Bay. The lady is about to celebrate her Ruby Wedding Anniversary and said she is over the moon with the win. This is not the first time there have been big winners at the Connaught Bingo, in the past they have had other £20k + winners.


Spring Clean for Barnes Wallis Statue
April 16th, 2015

The Sir Barnes Wallis Statue on the Downs, Beacon Hill has been cleaned and restored back to its former glory. This is the only full-size statue of Sir Barnes Wallis in the UK. The statue is part of the Herne Bay Cultural Trial.


Would you like to run your own Cafe?
April 13th, 2015

Café Entrepreneur Required.
Beach Creative is Herne Bay’s Arts Centre. Last year we installed a new kitchen and set up a café room within our premises. We are offering the right person the chance to run this café as their own business.
The café is on the ground floor next to two gallery rooms. There are ongoing exhibitions, workshops, meetings and evening events at Beach Creative.
It needs to open when Beach Creative is open – Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 10am-1pm, although there is some flexibility in this.
All the equipment needed for the café is provided, for example cups, tea pots, cafetieres, plates, cutlery, etc. A coffee machine is not supplied.
A minimal rent will be charged to cover utilities.
Public liability insurance must be arranged. The current excellent food hygiene rating needs to be maintained. Advice for this is available.
An Aldi supermarket (without a café) is going to be built this summer very close to our building. Their car park will be between us. We have received funding from Kew Gardens to build a garden area in the space between us and this too will be an extension of the café. It should also increase footfall into Beach Creative.
For further information please contact: Peter Chester at phalaropesparks@hotmail.com or Mandy Broughton at mandybroughton@hotmail.com or 01227 369095


The Coastal Towns Events Website
April 9th, 2015

The definitive listing of 'Whats Going On' along the coast: The Coastal Towns Events Website came about in trail format after a number of Whitstable & Herne Bay Liaison Group Meetings.
Run experimentally by Red Sands Radio and powered by Koolwebs, the site quickly proved popular, and at the trial listed more than 700 events.
It's easy to use and simple to get your event added quickly.
If its going on locally it should be on the Coastal Towns Events Website from Red Sands Radio. click on www.coastaltownsevents.co.uk on our home page


The Coffee Lab Shop opens in Mortimer Street
April 6th, 2015

A new business, the Coffee Lab has opened in Mortimer Street, Herne Bay. The Coffee Lab has a selection of coffees, teas and light refreshments with light snacks, cakes and pastries.


Herne Bay FC Golden 20 Club
March 14th, 2015

Herne Bay Football Club Community Interest Company operates a fund raising scheme called the “Golden 20 Club”. The aim is to attract 20 individuals, or companies, to pledge £ 100.00 per month to assist the club financially. In return for the support the individuals, or companies, will be offered the following package of benefits for next season 2015-2016. • Two free tickets and two free programmes for all home league matches. • Reserved seating for two persons in the “Golden 20 Club” area of the Railway Stand. • Free advertising opportunities for companies in the form of perimeter boards and entries in the club programme. • Free use of the Club House for private functions, or for corporate events. • An invitation for two people to take half time, and after match, refreshments in the Committee room of the Club House. • Free coach travel for one person to away matches when arranged. • Free entry for one person, or the Company, in the club’s “Fifty 50 Club” monthly draw with a chance to win a cash sum. The club will be extremely grateful for any financial support provided in this way. If you are willing to become a member of the “Golden 20 Club” then please contact Ron Boddy, the club’s Commercial Manager at 1, Mill View Road, Herne, Herne Bay, CT6 7JE, or by telephone or mobile to 01227-363452 or 0751-5647530. He can also be contacted via email at ronald.boddy@btopenworld.com


Hudson Fish Best in Kent
March 12th, 2015

Hudson Fishmongers in Herne Street, Herne Bay have won Fishmonger of the Year in the Taste of Kent Awards


Do you want to be on the Radio?
March 11th, 2015

Are you intrested in radio or want to learn more about radio. Radio Cabin (Herne Bay community radio) is looking for you to join us. To learn more contact Radio Cabin on. 01227 742077 or e-mail reception@radiocabin.co.uk With your name and phone number and we will get back to you. Registered Charity No. 1058788 - www.radiocabin.co.uk


Herne Bay UK's 100 Best Retail Locations
January 30th, 2015

Herne Bay has made it onto this year's list of the UK’s 100 best retail locations outside central London.
It comes at number 31, just four places above neighbouring Whitstable.
It places Herne Bay as the second best retail location in Kent, according to the list compiled by property consultants CACI for Property Week magazine.
John Platt, principal consultant at CACI, said Herne Bay has a “local feel”, with a balanced mix of traditional independent and larger national retailers on the high street.
According to him, the town benefits from affluent residents moving in, attracted by the high quality of life by the sea, along with the ability to commute to London and surrounding towns.
“For example, there is now an increased demand for more niche retailers and catering operators that appeal to these affluent former city dwellers,” he told Property Week. “We have already seen a rise in independent boutiques, coffee shops and artisan bakeries across many of these high ranking towns as they look to reposition themselves and serve the new demand."
Colin McQueston, the director of property developers Coplan Estates, part of the team behind the town centre regeneration scheme, said the ranking was “very encouraging”.
“Herne Bay is quite unique – it’s not a typical high street, and it’s got plenty of potential. I think we’ll see more and more people moving down here in the next ten to fifteen years,” he said. He added that larger retailers and independent shops needed each other to trade successfully: “Getting a mix of shops is great for any town.”
The list was topped by Bournemouth followed by Exmouth and Watford.


Christmas Lights Main Sponsor is Owen Electrical Contracts Ltd
December 4th, 2014

The Herne Bay Christmas Lights will this year be sponsored by Owen Electrical Contracts Ltd. Unit 9, The Links Herne Business Park Herne Bay Kent CT6 7FE Tel: 01227 364462 Mobile: 07540 244922 | 07979 042048 Other sponsors include: Quinney Fences and PG Platforms


Savers is now open in Herne Bay
December 3rd, 2014

Savers, the discount health and beauty retailer has opened in Mortimer Street, Herne Bay. Herne Bay Town Partners wish them successful trading in the town.


Herne Bay Pier Trust Wins £50k
November 26th, 2014

Herne Bay Pier Trust went head to head with the East Kent Railway on Meridian TV last night, for the Peoples Millions / Big Lottery Fund to win £50k. Thousands of people voted for the Herne Bay Pier Trust, which has resulted in the Pier being awarded £50k to have a canopy to stage events.


Thousands attend Zombie Crawl in Herne Bay
November 1st, 2014

Thousands of people took part in the Herne Bay Zombie Crawl and enjoyable a Zombie Walk around the town, followed by a brialliant Zombie Ball at the King’s Hall.


Fire Strikes Please take care
October 27th, 2014

Message from Kent Fire and Rescue Service Please pass on to friends and family - take extra care during the coming four days of fire strikes, starting at 6pm on Friday 31 October and running continuously until 6pm on Tuesday 4 November. During these strikes Kent Fire and Rescue Service will continue to answer and deal with 999 calls, but will not be operating at the normal level of service. So it is particularly important everyone takes extra care. If we all take a few minutes to carry out some safety checks, we really can help reduce unnecessary calls and prevent fires in our homes and businesses. • During the school holidays make sure children are aware of the dangers of water or outdoor fires • Most home fires are cooking related so whether you are planning a BBQ or cooking at home, be extra careful • Before you leave the house or go to bed on strike days, unplug unused electrical items, make sure sockets aren't overloaded and test your smoke alarms. • More safety advice at www.kent.fire-uk.org or follow the Twitter hashtag #takeextracare


Sainsburys development is approved
October 25th, 2014

Terrace Hill have submitted plans for a new development at Altria Park for Sainsburys, which was approved by Canterbury City Council on Tuesday evening. The plans comprise a new, modern Sainsbury’s foodstore, a petrol filling station, new business units and investment in local infrastructure including improvements to pedestrian facilities at Blacksole Bridge. The vast majority of local residents currently travel out of the Herne Bay area for their main food shopping. The new Sainsbury’s store would provide much needed choice in food shopping in the area and deliver up to 300 full and part time jobs for local people. The new business units would provide the capacity for further employment opportunities and, together with the new Sainsbury’s, directly address rising unemployment levels in the area.


Green Door Opens in William Street
October 24th, 2014

Another exciting new business has opened in William Street, Herne Bay. The Green Door, a quality Deli, where you can take-away or eat in.


Masala Bay Wins Top Curry Award
October 23rd, 2014

Masala Bay has won Takeaway of the Year 2014 at the English Curry Awards last night.

Chef Mohammed Rahman (pictured collecting the award)said 'It is an extreamly proud moment for all the staff at Masala Bay. We could not dream of winning this title two years in a row. Since our previous win, we worked harder than ever to maintain and improve standards. We are hugely grateful to our customers who nominated us and continue to support our small business. Thank you from the team at Masala Bay'.


'Sunshine on Leith' @ The Bay Theatre
October 22nd, 2014

'Sunshine on Leith' @ The Bay Theatre, Herne Bay High School. 22nd - 25th October 2014, Tickets £9.50. Call 01227 265459


Pledge to Change Event
October 10th, 2014

Pledge To Change Event Date: 10th October, 1.30pm-4.30pm Location: Salvation Army, Canterbury (White Horse Ln, CT1 2RU) Price: Free and also receive a full days Mental Health Awareness Training on the 20th October at Kent Enterprise House, Herne Bay also for FREE (usual price £50.00pp, limited spaces, first come first serve basis) This autumn, Social Enterprise Kent (SEK) will be encouraging local businesses to ‘Pledge to Change,’ in aid of World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. This exciting and FREE event will bring employers from the Canterbury area together to celebrate the end of mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace. It will be an extremely rewarding afternoon, empowered by the people who believe that it is ‘Time to Change’ the way we think about mental illness. A number of speakers are attending the event to give inspiration to employers to stand together and the Lord Mayor of Canterbury will be opening the event. Speakers include: • Rebecca Smith from Social Enterprise Kent • Lynn Marchant from Mindful Employer and Healthy Business • Angela Brier-Stephenson from Another Journey Begins and Channel Radio • Jan Mulligan - Ergonomist from Greenleafe Ergonomics and Disability Specialist • Lyn Finch Employer Advisor from Job Centre Plus To join us at this inspirational event, please book through Eventbrite T – 01227 844449 E – j.mcardle@sekgroup.org.uk W – www.sekgroup.org.uk


Visit the New Beach Creative Cafe
October 1st, 2014

Beach Creative in Beach Street, Herne Bay has opened a new cafe, to compliment their very popular Art Gallery and Workshops. The Cafe is open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm, with a selction of cakes and sandwiches and refreshments.


Age UK Herne Bay are the best!
September 30th, 2014

This article appeared in the Grant Agenda:
Spotlight on... Age UK Herne Bay Each month we feature one Age UK with a recent success or inspiring story to share, following a grant or visit. It is an opportunity for partners to highlight these successes or stories and share knowledge with colleagues. If you feel you have a story which may be of interest to other partners, and would like it to be featured in a future edition, please contact Margaret Hulme. This month we feature Age UK Herne Bay.
As we (Jill Pindar and Margaret Hulme) turned into the entrance of Convalescent House on a lovely summer’s day it was easy to imagine that we had arrived at our sea side holiday accommodation. Set in a few acres of leafy woodland and sweeping lawns Age UK Herne Bay is the proud owner of a beautiful building, although we later learned that it had taken a lot of hard work to make it how it is today. However, we were visiting to see how the Text Santa grant recently awarded is being spent. Our amazement in our surroundings continued as we were shown along corridors displaying lovely artwork to a beautifully appointed en suite room with a view over the garden, now used for meetings, but with the potential to be used for residential care. There we had a chat and a cup of tea with both a befriender and a befriendee taking part in the befriending scheme funded by the Text Santa grant. The client had sadly lost her husband leaving her feeling unable to cope with simple tasks until she was allocated a befriender who began to visit her each week. The two ladies are now firm friends and both of them have benefitted greatly from the scheme. Sadly the chat was all too short as the client was whisked away to have her lunch at the day centre and the busy volunteer rushed off, but there was time to speak with the Community Services Officer who filled us in on some of the other services offered to clients. We were then given a full tour of the building and introduced to several staff and volunteers. We were very impressed with the lovely light and airy day care areas, bathing suite and laundry and would dearly loved to have joined in with the singing session that was underway. However, the tuneful melodies were audible throughout our tour of the refurbished kitchens which are used to create hundreds of meals each day for delivery and for those in the centre. The tour culminated in an excellent, and very healthy lunch, which gave us the opportunity to talk with Sue Cliffe and key members of her staff about the issues that Herne Bay face locally and how Age UK plans to tackle the problems faced. All too soon we found ourselves wending our way back down the driveway and past the impressive old wrought iron gates but were brought back down to earth with a bump as we drove past the previous home of Age UK Herne Bay on the way back to the station. A stark reminder of the massive effort that went into securing the new premises and the benefit that the older people of Herne Bay now reap as a result.


Amy Johnson Herne Bay Project
September 23rd, 2014

Last Saturday was the launch of the Amy Johnson Herne Bay Project. Hundreds of people attended the event which included the unveiling of the information board by Amy's family. For more information on this on-going project, please visit: www.amyjohnsonhernebay.com


Tribute to Kevin Almond
September 18th, 2014

The town has been shocked by the news that local businessman, Kevin Almond, owner of Nutcutters Hair Salon in Bank Street was killed last Sunday in a road traffic accident. Kevin had been a hairdresser for 40 years and was a well-known businessman in the town. Kevin was a larger than life character raising money for local charities and was always supporting the town events. RIP Kevin.


Herne Bay Clock tower Friends website
September 17th, 2014

Visit the new Herne Bay Clocktower Friends website www.clocktowerfiends.org


Craft & Gift Market in Bandstand
September 13th, 2014

Gift & Craft Market @ The Bandstand September 13, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Where: The Bandstand Central Parade Herne Bay Visit the Gift & Craft Market, which has a variety of individual stalls from homemade jewellery, scarves and handbags, knitted gifts, paintings and artwork, cards, toys, woodare, bric a brac and much more. Uniquely situated on Herne Bay seafront within the Bandstand. Enjoy a coffee or ice cream at Mackaris and a stroll around this family fun market.


Herne Bay Festival Starts Showcase
August 23rd, 2014

Herne Bay Showcase @ Herne Bay Town Centre… August 30, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm This will showcase the best that Herne Bay has to offer. Llocal businesses giving away freebies, the Herne Bay Market, food tasting, arts and craft stalls, music and entertainment, and more throughout the town!


Herne Bay Festival Fireworks this Saturday
August 22nd, 2014

Fireworks Display! … August 30, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – 9:00 pm Come down to Neptune’s Arm to see the spectacular show that will take place over the beach. Expect a seafront food and drinks festival to accompany the visual spectacle!


Herne Bay Festival Giant Picnic
August 21st, 2014

Giant Picnic August 31, 2014 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm The Giant Picnic returns again, and this year is bigger than ever! Led by Herne Bay in Bloom and a number of community groups, the aim of the picnic is to have fun, meet people[...]


Herne Bay Festival Kent Coastal Band
August 20th, 2014

Kent Coastal Band August 31, 2014 @ 11:00 am – 1:0 Central Bandstand Herne Bay Seafront Back in 1992, there were only 10 to 15 players but the band has now grown to approximately 50 regular members. They have musicians of all ages, from school children to retired people, from all walks of life. The band aims to perform concerts of a high standard and is now regarded as one of the most successful and able bands in the area. Catch them on the Bandstand at 11am


Herne Bay Air Display this Sunday
August 13th, 2014

Air Display Times 12:00 Tigers Freefall Parachute Team These guys will be parachuting in to open the display next to the Bandstand. Please observe signs and keep the marked landing area clear until advised otherwise. 13:00 Typhoon Display. As far as we know, a first for Herne Bay, as the modern, state-of-the-art Typhoon fighter plane displays along Herne Bay seafront for the first time. Anyone unaware that a display is taking place will be in no doubt that one is underway when they hear the roar of the engine of this particular craft. 13:30 The Turbulent Display Team The Turbulent Display Team’s four-strong aeroplane team will be coming back to entertain the thousands with their fun display including hitting especially released helium balloon targets. 14:00 Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight Display. We are so very proud to be able to bring you this display as part of the day. Our British Lancaster Bomber will be joined by a Canadian Lancaster, among the first such dual flights in UK skies for over 50 years. The iconic plane that is the Spitfire and the delightful Hurricane with be joining the display as part of this element of the day. 14:30 Justyn Gorman Aerobatics Thanks to Cain’s Amusements, Terry Nicholls, APC East Kent & Icom UK Ltd, Justyn Gorman Aerobatics will be wowing the crowds with high-paced twists, turns, loops and much more.


Jersey Boys Tribute at Kings Hall
August 11th, 2014

The Ragdolls will take you on a musical journey through the well known career of one of the most successful bands of all time Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, recreating the iconic sound of the Jersey Boys. With their slick choreography and amazing falsettos, The Boys will take you back to where it all began, recreating cover versions of 50′s songs as the four seasons did including hits such as ‘Still of the night’, ‘Oh Carol’, ‘Teenager in love’ and ‘Why do fools fall in love’. For more information and to book tickets, visit our BayPromoTeam Ticket Shop.


Coastal Towns Events are HERE
August 10th, 2014

There is a brand new website www.coastaltownsevents.co.uk. It has a comprehensive list of events for Herne Bay and Whitstable.


Red Sands Radio Back is now on-air
July 7th, 2014

Radio Red Sands is back on-air on 87.9 FM & on-line at www.redsandsradio.co.uk Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF 07711 512 991 Bob Le-Roi – Founder MD Programme Director


Herne Bay Classic Motor Show a great success
June 24th, 2014

The Herne Bay Classic Motor Show celebrated the ‘First Herne Bay Motor Speed Trials’, which took place in 1924. The was a selection of 350 classic vehicles, exhibitors, Food Market, retro market, quality entertainment on the seafront. The Classic Music Show with Mel Harris, XYZ, The Electric Beatles and The Crooner entertained over 10,000 people
Herne Bay Town Partners organised the event in partnership with Classic Music and Motors.


Herne Bay Si-Fi Event was a Great Success
June 15th, 2014

The Baypromo Team held Herne Bay's second Si-Fi Event today at the Kings Road School and it was an outstanding success. Everyone from the Si-Fri world was there, including Storm Troppers, Red Dwalf, Batman and many more. The highlight of the event was guest appearances from former Dr Who's Colin Baker and Paul McGann.


The Bun Penny is SOLD
June 6th, 2014

The Bun Penny on Herne Bay seafront, which caught fire in 2011, has been sold. The proposed plans are to have a retail outlet on the ground level, with apartments above. The successful sale was negotiated by Wilbee & Son Estate Agents


Herne Bay Market has moved into the Town Centre
May 9th, 2014

Thousands of people came to see the new look, Herne Bay Market, last Saturday,in its new location in the heart of the town centre.
The market is now in William Street and Mortimer Street, every Saturday from 8am - 4pm


Bat & Trap and Darts at HBFC
May 8th, 2014

The football may be over until the end of July, but activities go on at Winch's Field, home of Herne Bay Football Club. As part of the club's community activities a Bat and Trap team and a Darts team have been started to play matches over the summer months. The club are looking for additional players, particularly for the darts. If you are interested contact the Commercial Manager Ron Boddy on 01227-363452 or 0751-5647530. "


Quinns submit Plans for Herne Bay Golf Club
April 1st, 2014

A major development is planned for the old Herne Bay Golf Club site. Quinn Estates have submitted plans to Canterbury City Council for the proposed development. For more infromation visit: www.quinn-estates.com/future-developments/#current-projects/herne-bay-golf-clubr


Highway Improvements, Sea Street Roundabout
March 23rd, 2014

When we plan to carry out the work and how long it will take
As part of the Member Highway Funding initiative, your local Members Mr Brian Macdowell & Mr Nicholas Bond have committed two years funding in conjunction with a contribution from Kent County Council to deliver a carriageway reconstruction scheme on Sea Street, Herne Bay including Sea Street roundabout. This is part of the on-going works to improve the highway network in Kent.

Works are due to commence on the 6th May 2013 and will take up to 8 weeks. The works will generally be undertaken between the hours of 07:00 and 20:30, but may be necessary to extend this beyond 20:30 if required to complete an area of work.

What we plan to do
The works are required to reconstruct the damaged and deteriorated concrete carriageway. Investigations have been undertaken to determine the condition of the existing carriageway. It has identified the lower layers of the road need replacing. The works will involve excavating the existing concrete carriageway and reconstructing new layers and road surface.

Due to the nature and complexity of the works, it will be necessary for some adjoining roads to be closed with traffic through Sea Street being managed by two way Traffic Lights. Access to properties will generally be maintained throughout the duration; however it may be necessary to restrict vehicular access to individual properties for short periods.

Signed diversion routes will be in place for the closure of all the side roads in the area of works.

We are here to help you, if you have any particular access needs, please let us know.

Public Engagement
There will be a public engagement nearer the commencement date to explain the benefits of the scheme and how it affects the local community. We will re-contact you shortly with further details.

Further Information
If you need more information, please call us on 0300 333 5539.
You can also visit our website www.kent.gov.uk/highways to find out how we look after the roads throughout Kent or report any faults you find on our roads.
For your safety and the safety of our workforce, please drive carefully and slowly through the roadworks.


Herne Bay Market to move on 3 May 2014
March 10th, 2014

The Herne Bay Market is moving to a new location on 3 May 2014. It will move from its existing site in the Kings Road Car Park to the heart of the town centre, in William Street and Mortimer Street. Work will take place in April to improve the area in William Street and Mortimer Street, ready for the launch in May of the new look Herne Bay Saturday Market.


Activity Box has moved to William Street
February 11th, 2014

The Activity Box has moved from Mortimer Street to larger premises at 79 William Street. The Grand Opening will be on Saturday 22 February 2014 at 12.30pm with special guest 'Jack Sparrow'.


My Herne Bay replaces BAY Card
January 24th, 2014

The BAY & WHIT Card is being phased out and replaced by 'My Herne Bay' which is a FREE APP with Deals and Offers at local Shops, attractions and events in Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury.
To download the FREE App or Register for FREE Online visit: MyTownMyCity.co.uk http://hernebay.mytownmycity.co.uk/business/


New Festival Organiser for 2014
January 20th, 2014

The Herne Bay Festival was recently put out to tender and the new organisers of the Herne Bay Festival 2014 is 'Continental Drifts'. If you would like to be involved in this years Festival, please contact: mandy@continentaldrifts.co.uk or Tel 020 8365 9555


British Red Cross have moved
January 12th, 2014

Following the closure of the Herne Bay Red Cross Centre, they are now running services from the Herne Bay Age UK building at 16 Reculver Road. Beltinge CT6 6LE. For more information call: 01227 864707


Queen II at the Kings Hall
January 7th, 2014

The Baypromo Team present QUEEN II at the Kings Hall on Saturday 8th February 2014, Doors Open at 7.30pm.
Tickets £10.00 available from Kids Korner, Peter's Produce, The Activity Box, Nutcutters or at www.baypromo.ticketsource.co.uk


Herne Bay Walks
January 6th, 2014

Kent Community Health NHS Trust are organising Promenade Walk & Talk which starts on Tuesday 7th January 2014, then on-going. Meet at The United Services Club (British Legion) 41 Central Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5HZ at 1.30pm for 1.45pm start. the walk will last approx 45 minutes and its FREE.


Kids Korner have the Best Window Display
December 8th, 2013

Kids Korner in Mortimer Street won the Best Christmas Window Display in Herne Bay. The shield was presented by Michael Khoury, President of the Chamber of Commerce. The runners up were Graingers in Mortimer Street and Nutcutters in Bank Street.


The Herne Bay Christmas Showcase
December 7th, 2013

Herne Bay launched Christmas in the town and it was the largest Christmas event ever to take place, ‘The Christmas Showcase’. From 10am the town was busy and buzzing, with over sixty local businesses bringing their shops onto the street, with stalls, merchandise, demonstrations, give-a-ways and samples for the visitors to enjoy. It was festive fun all day with Pip the Clown balloon modelling, the Kent Coastal Band performing Christmas classics, Del Boy and the Only Fools and Horses Van created a great photo opportunity and Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty met the children. Over one hundred children took part in the ‘Spot the Christmas Pudding Competition in the shop windows and received a free selection pack. On the main stage, was outstanding performances throughout the day, including The Crooner, David Shepherd, Jodie South and the star of the show, Michael Appleton, with his tribute to Michael Buble. Just before the Christmas Lights Switch On, the crowd was treated to a performance from a local duo ‘The Bolters’ who are Layla age 11years and her Grandfather, Colin who have written a Christmas song, ‘Yule know its Christmas’ which is available on download. This year the organisers of the event, Herne Bay Town Partners, The Independent Retail Group and Bay Promo, wanted someone really special to turn on the Christmas Lights. A little boy called Stanley Turner was chosen. Stanley is four years old and suffers from Crouzon Syndrome, he has had twenty operations in his short life. Stanley took the stage and switched on the Christmas Lights along with the Grinch from the movie ‘The Grinch Stole Christmas’, also on stage was the sponsors of the Christmas Lights, Mark Quinn, Quinn Estates and Cllr Jean Law and local MP, Sir Roger Gale. After the lights went on, the crowd was entertained by Boy Band ‘The Octaves’ who performed their new Christmas single ‘Radio Christmas’. At 5.30pm Father Christmas led the procession to the Pier, for the switching on of the Herne Bay Pier Trusts Christmas Lights. The Herne Bay Christmas Showcase was sponsored by Southern Water.
See photos in our Gallery.
Photo taken by Gideon Scott Jnr


Christmas Showcase with Michael Buble Tribute
December 6th, 2013

The Herne Bay Christmas Showcase on Saturday 7th December 2013 the crowds were entertained by Mike Appleton the Michael Buble Tribute. Photo taken by Gideon Scott Jnr


Christmas Showcase with The Octaves
December 5th, 2013

The Herne Bay Christmas Showcase on Saturday 7th December 2013 the crowds were entertained by The Octaves. Photo taken by Gideon Scott Jnr


Christmas Showcase with The Boulters
December 4th, 2013

The Herne Bay Christmas Showcase on Saturday 7th December 2013 the crowds were entertained by The Boulters. Photo taken by Gideon Scott Jnr


Herne Bay win the Peoples Millions £50,000
November 30th, 2013

Herne Bay entered the Big Lottery Peoples Millions to win £50,000 for the Herne Bay Coastal Park Project. On Tuesday they lost their heat to Ramsgate, yesterday Herne Bay had a big surprise and were presented with a cheque for £50,000 for being the highest voting runner up, throughout the week. Well Done Herne Bay!


Kent Academy Roller Hockey Club need your support
October 30th, 2013

Kent Academy Roller Hockey and Skating club whave made it through to the 2013 Sports Awards. The team were established in September 2012 in the middle of the Olympics and in 1 year their U 11 team have won the National Cup, the Regional Division 1 title, and many more ancillary play offs. In November they are off to Saint Omer for National Anglo French play off. They are a smashing group of children who have trained incredibly hard, but still retained he fun and sportsmanship through the season. If any of your members would like to support them please follow the following:

Please VOTE:
Text 65100 with the following KN SPORT 1057 (THEN SPACE HOUSE NUMBER SPACE POST CODE), ie mine will be KN SPORT 1057 37 CT6 6AF. It says spaces are important to please take care, there is a £0.50 cost of each text.


Herne Bay is 3rd in the Best Autumn Walks in UK
October 29th, 2013

The Times newspaper recentley produced 'The 20 best autumn walks in the UK'. Herne Bay was listed third,with walks at Herne Common and West Blean Wood, Herne Bay.


Great Christmas Lights for Herne Bay
October 1st, 2013

This year visitors to the town centre will be treated to an outstanding display of Christmas Lights and a breath taking Christmas tree. The Herne Bay Christmas Lights Group (Bay Promo, Beach Creative, Herne Bay in Bloom, Town Partners) have arranged for lighted Christmas trees on the lampposts from Sea Street, through to the High Street and street crossings in William Street and Mortimer Street, plus a stunning Christmas tree. The Herne Bay Christmas Lights have been sponsored by local developer MARK QUINN ESTATES.
The Christmas Lights will be switched on, Saturday 7th December 2013, which will be part of the UK Small Business Day, where there will be lots of fun and entertainment throughout the day.


Take a Rogers Menswear Bag on holiday and WIN
September 30th, 2013

Take your Rogers Menswear bag on holiday and win £100.00 worth of clothing from the store. All you have to do is take a Rogers Menswear or Hanger back on holiday with you and send them an amusing and interesting photo of you and your bag having a great time. The picture judged the best will win £100 worth of clothing from the store, and 2 runners up prizes of £25 gift vouchers each.


Less empty shops in Herne Bay
September 25th, 2013

Following a recent audit of the town, Herne Bay has 3.6% of empty business units in the town, compared with 5.2%, this time last year. The national average is 14.8% and towns such as Margate has 30% + of empty units. Herne Bay has had seven new businesses open in the past three months.


New Portrait Artist in Town - Helen Morley
September 23rd, 2013

Fine Artist Helen Morley Ba (Hons) has recently moved to the up-and-coming artist’s quarter in Beach Street, Herne Bay. She is now inviting oil portrait commissions which are made on her bespoke hand built, studio canvas stretchers. Commissioning a portrait is an ancient practice, once reserved only for the very wealthy and noble. Today it is much easier and more affordable than you might think, although care must be taken to choose an artist that is able to portray you to future generations accurately and sensitively!
helenmorleyart.blogspot.co.uk hcmorley@yahoo.co.uk 07849926239 17 Beach Street, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5PW


Herne Bay Takeaway Wins Top Award
September 19th, 2013

Herne Bay's Masala Bay Indian Takeaway won the South East Takeaway of the Year in the English Curry Awards in Manchester. There was more than 7000 nominations for the competition.


Beach Creative expands into new Studios
September 16th, 2013

Beach Creative expands into new Studios and Workshops. In addition to Beach House, Beach Creative has moved into new studios and workshops close to Beach Alley in Herne Bay.


Could you make better use of your space?
September 15th, 2013

Spacemaker Architects are offering one hour consultations to help local businesses and individuals make better use of their space in return for £40 donation to 1 of 6 organisations based in the Canterbury district doing good things. You can choose to donate to; Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre, Blean Village Hall, Whitstable RNLI, Trust Sulha -Peace through Education, The High Five Club or Porchlight. For more information see www.spacemakerarchitects.co.uk


Support our Independent Traders
August 28th, 2013

Herne Bay has a wealth of independent traders, with a vast selection of different types of businesses. We have the traditional types of retailers in the town including Bakers, Butchers and Greengrocers, all selling local fresh produce.
If you are looking for an alternative from the normal bland shopping centres, come to Herne Bay for a real shopping experience.


What a fantastic Giant Picnic
August 27th, 2013

Last Sunday Memorial Park in Herne Bay was transformed into a Giant Picnic, with local community groups and local organisations exhibiting and entertaining the thousands of people who attended the event.
See more photos in our gallery.


Herne Bay Motor Show was a great success
August 20th, 2013

The old classics rolled into Herne Bay last Sunday for the Herne Bay Motor Show. We had over 200 classic cars and bikes on display within the town centre, with cars dating back to 1920's, classic American cars including Cadillac's, Buick's and Mustang's and those family favourites the MG's, VW Beetles, Morris Minors and many more. Also on display was three rare Aston Martins. For the two wheel enthusiasts, we had BSA's, AJS's and Lambreta Scooters. Plus the latest cars from County Garage in Herne Bay. To make this a real family event we had entertainment throughout the town, including Punch and Judy and The Crooner and on the main stage excellent performances from Ben Mills X Factor finalist, The Electric Beatles, Mel Harris and Jodie South. This was great family day out, which has been supported by KCC and brought to you by Herne Bay Town Partners. Visit www.hernebaytp.co.uk see Gallery, photo's taken by Gideon Scott Jnr


Reg E Mental has joined Town Partners
August 19th, 2013

Local childrens entertainer Reg E Mental has joined Town Partners.
Reg E. Mental has over thirty years experience of children's and family entertainment and can provide a show exactly to suit you. These include Magic Shows, Junior Discos, Juggling and Activities Workshops, Music Experience, Balloon Modelling and Magic Skills Workshops or a combination of any of the above. Reg E. Mental is also available for family cabaret, close up, mix 'n' mingle, and walkabout magic, for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, promotional events, etc. With an Enhanced CRB Check and Public Liability Insurance for up to £5,000,000 he is available for events throughout the UK.
Tel: 01227 283818 or visit: wwww.regemental.co.uk


BANX Cartoon appears in the Bay
August 6th, 2013

A mystery cartoon which could be by artist BANX has appeared on the side of the Bandstand in Central Parade. If it is him, he is a nationally recognised artist who has work published in the Financial Times, Punch and other well-known publications.


Marcel Duchamp Festival
August 2nd, 2013

MARCEL DUCHAMP IN HERNE BAY is an arts festival in July and August. It celebrates the centenary of a month of inspiration by the seaside, which may have changed modern art forever. It takes place throughout the town.
Introducing Mr D, at Herne Bay Museum and Gallery, kicks off the festival with an exhibition presenting Marcel Duchamp, his ideas and work to those who don’t know it already. It also explores Duchamp’s connection with Herne Bay and some of the influences he encountered here in the summer of 1913.
For two weeks in August, Herne Bay’s art galleries will exhibit new work by Kent artists under the title "I am not dead…I am in Herne Bay". Each artist will respond in their own way to Duchamp’s legacy and influence. There will also be a guerilla Art Bike Trail all around the town, inspired by the Bicycle Wheel and an Open Show, Duchamp’s Window.


Herne Bay Carnival & After Show Party
August 1st, 2013

Kent's best Carnival takes place on Saturday 10 August 2013, with a procession along the seafront and through the town, starting at 6pm.
The Carnival is followed by the After Show Party at the Kings Hall, which is a family event with guest appearances from Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty and Mickey & Mini Mouse, plus a Disco and fun and games. Tickets are £4.00 and available in the town centre businesses.


Community Choir needs YOU
July 28th, 2013

We needs members for our Community Choir. The choir starts 11/07/2013 and will meet Thursdays 7.30 to 8.30 pm at the Baptist Church Hall in the High Street and will only cost 3 pounds per session on drop-in basis. Because it's a Community Choir, there's no auditions, and no need to read music. All welcome.


Red Sands Radio is now on air on
July 26th, 2013

Red Sands Radio will be broadcasting to Herne Bay and Whitstable until 26 July 2013 on 87.9fm and online: www.redsandsradio.co.uk


Mortimer Street Showcase this Saturday
July 13th, 2013

This Saturday is the Mortimer Street Showcase where local traders in Mortimer Street and throughout the town, will be taking their businesses onto the street. There will be lots of give-a-ways, demonstrations, fashions shows, live-music and much more. The funs starts at 10.30am, with FREE Car Parking in Market Street car park.


Sandy Toksvig to opened the Pier Village
July 6th, 2013

Author and TV Personality, Sandy Toksvig opened the new Pier Village last Saturday 6th July 2013. There are a selection of different businesses trading from the Pier, including Crepes and Chocolate, Jewellery, Art, Photo's and frames, Teas & Coffees, Old Fashion Sweets and Beach Gifts and the 1940s Tea Room.


Hire Herne Bay FC Club House
June 3rd, 2013

"Herne Bay Football Club's club house at Winch's Field is available Friday, Saturday or Sunday, day time or evening, (other days will be considered) for any type of function, birthdays (excluding 18th and 21st), anniversaries, wedding receptions, christening receptions, business functions etc. The club house can accommodate up to 100 people and has a fully licensed bar. Self-catering is acceptable, however hot and cold buffets can be arranged if required. More formal catering arrangements can be discussed. The Club is offering a discounted booking fee of £ 80.00 for a short period so please contact Tara Griffiths on 07843193361 or Ron Boddy on 07515647530


DAMBUSTERS DAY was a fitting tribute
May 19th, 2013

The Dambusters Day was on 19 May 2013, with the Dambusters Parade to the Barnes Wallace Statue, Beacon Hill and a flypast by the Dakota.
In the afternoon in Wimereux Gardens there was Military vehicles and a 1940’s sing-a-long with the Crooner, followed by the original DAMBUSTERS Film at the Kavanaugh Cinema.
Visit our gallery to see photos from the day


The 40th Anniversary of Wimereux / Schmallenberg Twinning
May 18th, 2013

The 40th Anniversary of Wimereux / Schmallenberg Twinning After a trouble free, calm crossing seven Committee members from the Herne Bay/ Wimereux Twinning Association arrived in sunny Wimereux in Northern France for the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Wimereux / Schmallenberg Twinning. They were met by Eric Etienne from the Wimereux committee, who had reserved parking spaces for them near the Mairie (Town Hall). Two of the party stayed with a family in a house overlooking the Channel. The house had been occupied by the Germans in the Second World War and used as a meteorological centre collecting information from the U boats in the Atlantic. Rommel had stayed at the house. The rest of the party stayed in a “holiday let” in a traditional style old French house overlooking the town of Wimereux. In the evening the party assembled for the start of the procession through the streets of Wimereux. They met the forty German visitors who had travelled from Schmallenberg and the people from Wimereux and processed behind the Wimereux town band to the Memorial where wreaths were laid in remembrance of those who died in the two World Wars. The procession continued to Salon de la Baie Saint Jean where the mayors from Wimereux and Schmallenberg renewed the Twinning Charter between the two towns. Prior to a celebratory meal there were speeches and presentations of gifts between the three towns. Entertainment was provided by local dancing groups and the Town band from Wimereux. A specially made cake was brought in decorated with the Coats of Arms of Schmallenberg and Wimereux and set alight with fireworks. On Saturday morning we participated in a ‘European Market’ held in the town square, with stalls of local produce and displays about 40 years of twinning activities involving Wimereux with both Schmallenberg and Herne Bay. John Moore from the sweet shop ‘Sweet Magic’ in Herne Bay had a stall with an impressive display of traditional British Seaside sweets. The Herne Bay Twinning Association’s stall had a variety of items both free and for sale, promoting the town and the Pier Trust. On Saturday evening, all the participants travelled by coaches to the nearbye ‘Estaminet Palace’, where they enjoyed a dinner and cabaret. They were treated to scantily dressed Folies Bergère dancers, the Can Can, singing and an appearance of “Edith Piaf”. The evening finished with everyone singing and dancing. Brian Heselden, treasurer of the Herne Bay/ Wimereux Association said, “I was interested that although Wimereux is over 500 kms from Schmallenberg, the two towns have obviously forged a very close friendship over these 40 years.” Herne Bay Committee May 2013


Summer of Bunting Mania come and join in the fun
May 7th, 2013

Help create Herne Bay's community bunting. Drop-in-Workshops available at Beach Creative, Beach Street, Herne Bay.
Contact: Karen Simpson 07525 832875


The Bouncing Barrel opens in Bank Street
May 4th, 2013

The Bouncing Barrel Micro Pub opens on 4 May 2013 in Bank Street. The micro pub will have a selection of real ales and wines.


New Fish & Chip Restaurant' Mushy Peas' Opens
April 26th, 2013

A new quality Fish & Chip Shop, and restaurant, 'Mushy Peas', has opened in Central Parade, Herne Bay.
Mushy Peas will be serving a range of quality fish and chips, steaks, starters and desserts.
The restaurant has a high class feel about it, with chandeliers and impressive furnishing.
See photos in our Gallery.


Applejacks Opens in Avenue Road
April 8th, 2013

A new garden centre and Landscaping business, Applejacks has opened in Avenue Road, Herne Bay. They have a large selection of bedding plants, plants and gardening accessories, plus offer other garden services.
Please visit our gallery for more photos.


Pretty Green Vintage has opened in North Street
March 5th, 2013

Pretty Green Vintage has opened at 8 North Street, Herne Bay. They have a selection of time worn, painted antique furniture, vintage mirrors and chandeliers, hand-made gifts and lots more.


Mammouth Tusks found off of Herne Bay
February 26th, 2013

Lobster fisherman, Barry Mount believes he may have discovered a pair of mammoth tusks off of Herne Bay.
The tusks were discovered when an extremely low tide allowed Barry to walk 0.75 miles out to explore the seabed.


Apprentices for SMEs Free Workshop
February 23rd, 2013

Apprentices for SMEs - Free Workshop
Friday 15th March 2013
9.30am - 12.30pm
Being held at: Kent Enterprise House, 1 the Links, Herne Bay, CT6 7GQ
A Buffet Lunch will be included
There are now over 700,000 apprentices in the UK – and 92% of employers are satisfied with their apprentices. So why don’t you join in and find out how an apprentice can benefit your business?
We will be holding a useful event for employers in conjunction with the National Apprenticeship week this March. If you have ever considered hiring an apprentice or are just looking for some information on the funding available, then this is the ideal workshop for you. Many businesses feel there are too many barriers to them being able to take on an apprentice – but there is help available! Find out more at our FREE event.
The workshop will consist of:  Discussing how the apprenticeships work – with exciting guest speakers from the National Apprentice Service (NAS), local SMEs, local chambers of commerce and local authorities.  How they can benefit you and your company  Employer grants and incentives available  The process to recruit an apprentice  Hear the experience from one SME on what it’s REALLY like having an apprentice  Question and answer session – bring along your issues and let us help you to find a solution!
Apprenticeships can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent. UK businesses consider skills shortages and recruitment difficulties a bigger threat to performance than soaring oil prices and declining consumer spending, and more than a quarter of these rate this form of vocational training higher than any other qualification.
This workshop is free of charge and is open to everyone - Spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment. Please call 01227 844449 or email c.marenghi@sekgroup.org.uk to reserve your space at the event.


Vattenfall receive permission to expand
February 21st, 2013

Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Extension has received a development consent order from the Energy Secretary today. The consent means that Vattenfall can step up its engagement with the local and UK supply chains as it develops a forward programme for installation and operation.

The up to 17 turbine extension (KFE) will deliver up to 51MW of installed capacity and extends the currently operating 30 turbine, 90MW Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm. Depending on the number of turbines deployed it could cost more than £150 million to install the extension.

An additional 51MW will generate enough renewable electricity to meet the equivalent demand of 35,000 UK households (combined with the currently operating scheme this would be 96,000 in total). KFE is expected to start generating renewable power in late 2015 or early 2016.

Goran Loman, Vattenfall’s Project Manager for KFE, said: “We welcome the Secretary of State’s timely decision. Kentish Flats Extension will make a major contribution to generation from Vattenfall’s large fleet of offshore wind capacity in UK waters and help the delivery of UK climate change and renewable energy obligations.”

Last month Vattenfall said that it was working with the local airport, Manston International, to address challenges posed by the wind farm to radar operations at the airport. Therefore to enable a successful outcome, Vattenfall has revised its programme, and assuming a successful Final Investment Decision by Vattenfall, construction of the wind farm extension will commence in 2015


A Bundle of Books is now open in Bank Street
February 21st, 2013

A new children's book shop has opened at 6 Bank Street, off of Moritimer Street, 'A Bundle of Books'. The new shop has a great selection of children's books and from time to time, they will have storying telling and visits from local authors.
For more informationn call 01227 373802 or visit: wwwwabundleofbooks.com


Beach Creatve Half Term Workshops
February 19th, 2013

Beach Creative has been holding Family Craft Workshops throughout this week. Children and Parents have been creating a collage, which will go on display in the Co-op, as part of Fairtrade Fornight.
The workshops have been sponsored by Herne Bay Town Partners.


Rogers Menswear Do House Calls
February 18th, 2013

Rogers Menswear

If you can't get to us then we will come to you!
Just phone and make an appointment and we will bring a selection of products for you to choose from.
Free Local deliveries.

Tel: 01227 375815 email: rogersmenswear@yahoo.co.uk


We welcome Vattenfall as a Gold Sponsor
February 7th, 2013

Vattenfall the wind farm operators are a gold sponsor of Herne Bay Town Partners for 2013. Their wind farm can be seen off of the coast of Herne Bay. For more information, please visit www.vattenfall.com


Visit the new Kings Hall website
February 6th, 2013

The Kings Hall is celebrating its centenary this year; with a full programme of celebratory events.
The Kings Hall now has a new website, visit: www.thekingshall.com


Ford Fiesta Day at County Garage
January 24th, 2013

The Ford Fiesta was originally launched in 1976 as a innovative small car. Eight generations and 37 years later we are proud to launch the New 2013 Ford Fiesta which is packed with new technology, fuel efficient engines and great design. To celebrate this we are holding a Fiesta Day on 24.01.13 at County Garage Ford, Herne Bay.
We think the Ford Fiesta is special, so on the day anyone that currently owns a Fiesta can call in for a FREE wash and vacuum and we’ll even get you a coffee while you wait.

If you haven’t seen much about the New 2013 Fiesta, take a look at our short film and see the finer details as you have never seen them before, all in under a minute and a half!

We want to launch this exciting new vehicle with some extra special offers including:

• 4.9% APR representative finance
• £250 towards your finance deposit
• Loyalty part exchange valuation
• Big savings across the range
• FREE option packs including all-new SYNC connectivity

We hope to see you there. For further information and special offers, please visit our website at www.countygarageford.co.uk




Community Driving School needs your help

John Nicholson has created an excellent concept called the Community Driving School. It helps people who are unemployed to have driving lessons and pass their driving test, which will assist in helping them to gain employment. To help CDS grow, John needs help and sponsorship to enable him to help more unemployed people. If you who like more information visit:



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